Second Day of Terror Attacks

Already today, Thursday, Oct 8, there have been three attacks. The first in Jerusalem when a Palestinian stabbed a Yeshiva student seriously injuring him. The attacker was detained by the police. The second attack occurred in Tel Aviv within a few hours following where a man stabbed a woman IDF soldier with a screw driver, stole her weapon and attacked three other bystanders before he was shot and killed by a nearby soldier. The four victims are being treated at the hospital for light wounds. Within an hour following, reports claimed another Israeli seriously injured after he was stabbed in a Jewish settlement neighborhood near Hebron. The whole country is greatly concerned and on guard for suspects. The tactic of surprise stabbings of random pedestrians is incredibly alarming and accomplishing it’s aim of striking terror into the Israeli public. However, the people of Israel are not easily frightened or deterred. We praise God that none of these attacks so far have led to death. We pray for the strength and courage of the Israeli people to stand strong against terror. We pray for a forgiving heart and ultimately a revelation of the love of God, for the Israelis and her enemies.

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