Second Day of Jenin Op “Home and Garden”

Tuesday marked the second day of the aggressive Israeli counter-terror operation in the Palestinian city of Jenin. The operation, which is the largest in the area since the Second Intifada, already achieved most of its goals according to the IDF and will most likely wrap up sooner than expected. IDF troops on the ground have seized numerous terrorist assets, including massive weapons caches and an improvised rocket launcher. They also arrested at least 120 wanted individuals. 10 Palestinian fighters were killed in the fighting and 1 IDF officer was slightly injured.

Overall, the operation has been smooth and very effective, IDF officials say. There are about 10 more targets they will seize in the coming hours; it is unclear if troops will then withdraw from the embattled city.

There has been radio silence from Western governments regarding the operation despite Palestinian calls for condemnation of Israel. This silent seal of approval shows Western recognition of Israel’s right to self-defense and the necessity of the present mission. Western media outlets, however, tend to show the Palestinian, more than the Israeli, side of the conflict.

Unfortunately, a Palestinian teen carried out a stabbing attack in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak, in response to the operation in Jenin. He injured one man, who was evacuated to the hospital.

Please pray for the successful and speedy resolution of the operation and for safety for all the forces involved. Please continue to pray that the operation does not spread and for the restoration of deterrence in Jenin and the area. Finally, please pray for healing for the injured man.

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