Second “Day of Disruption” Across Israel

For the second Tuesday in a row, tens of thousands gathered throughout Israel to protest the passage of a bill reducing the reach of the “reasonableness clause.” So far, police arrested 17 protesters. Additionally, a woman was seriously injured after standing in the middle of a highspeed highway during a protest. Police verified that the driver hit the woman accidentally.

One feature separating today’s protests from last week’s is the nationwide focus on railway stations. The protest movement announced ahead of the “Day of Disruption” that one of their objectives Tuesday would be to block and disrupt train movements. Protesters also gathered outside the homes and headquarters of various public officials, including the head of the General Workers’ Union.

A government insider Tuesday morning confirmed that talks were ongoing between the government and opposition to reach an understanding on the contested bill before it is brought to the Knesset plenum next Sunday. Hopefully, the talks will result in a compromise that could calm the upheaval.

Please pray for lawmakers to have a sense of the urgency of the situation that would lead to a speedy legislative compromise. Secondly, please pray for safety for protesters and police officers throughout the day and for healing for the injured woman.

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