Saudi Arabia Holds Talks with Syria, Hamas

Saudi Arabia, originally considered a promising potential partner for Israel through the Abraham Accords, has instead recently begun to rebuild ties with terrorist entities throughout the region. Despite years of being a strong regional partner of the US, the Saudis recently renewed diplomatic ties with Iran after almost 50 years of antagonism. Iran is, of course, the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and frequently threatens to destroy Israel.

Saudi Arabia is also seeking to normalize relations with Syria following a decade of civil war and unrest, during which Arab countries broke diplomatic ties with Syria. While on the one hand this could signal a move towards more regional stability, Syria also hosts terror organizations; over Passover, 5 rockets were shot from Syria towards Israel. It is unclear if a stable Syria would stamp out terror or tacitly allow its continuation.

Lastly, and most concerning of all, Riyadh is this week hosting delegations from both the quasi-democratic Palestinian Authority and from the Gaza-based terrorist organization Hamas. After talks with the PA, Saudi officials confirmed their commitment to a Palestinian nation.

Please pray for security and stability in the region that benefits Israel. Please pray that terror organizations, including the Iranian regime, would be recognized for what they are. Lastly, please pray for strong foreign policy from the White House to reestablish deterrence.

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