Roger Waters Performs Anti-Semitic Concert in Berlin

During his massive concert in Berlin’s Mercedes Benz arena, former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters dressed in an SS officer’s uniform and shot a pretend machine gun at his audience. On the screen behind him, human-looking pigs and businessmen pulled puppet strings and projected vague comments about “the oligarchy.” Additionally, Waters appeared to intentionally compare Anne Frank to Shireen Abu Akleh, an Egyptian journalist killed in crossfire between the IDF and Palestinian militants.

Sad to say, anti-Semitic events have become less surprising in the last several years. Waters himself is also known to be extremely anti-Israel. However, this event stood out for its size, its unapologetic use of anti-Semitic tropes such as pigs and Jewish power, and its choice to explicitly evoke Nazism.

The event has felt some public backlash. However, Waters has additional concerts planned for Munich and Frankfurt, where it can be assumed he will pull the same stunts. Jewish groups have called for accountability for Waters and the cancellation of his two coming performances.

Please pray for public accountability for people like Roger Waters and their despicable displays of anti-Semitism. Please pray for grassroots support for the Jewish community and boycott of events like this. Lastly, please pray for safety over the Jewish people.

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