Rockets from Lebanon

The IDF said late on Monday that at least five rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Israel, but all fell short of the border and crashed in Lebanese territory. Hamas continued to pound southern Israel with rockets throughout the night. A kindergarten in Sderot, a town not far from the border with Gaza, was directly hit. Thankfully, it was during the holiday of Shavuot and no children were present. The IDF reported that of 190 rockets fired towards Israel, 25 of them landed within the Gaza Strip, causing damage and civilian casualties. Despite international mounting calls for a cease-fire, it does not look like there will be one soon. Please continue to pray for all civilians, especially children – Israeli and Arab – who are suffering greatly during this military conflict. Please also keep praying for protection for Israel’s soldiers as they prepare for a possible ground invasion of Gaza. Lastly, please pray for a quick end to this conflict, and that Lebanese terror groups do not involve themselves in it!

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