Rockets from Gaza and Car Explosion

Saturday night, just a few hours after a few dozen Gazans managed to break through the border fence between Israel and Gaza, three rockets were shot from Gaza into Israel. The Gazans attempting to infiltrate Israel either were arrested and returned or fled back into Gaza. Thankfully, there were no injuries from the rockets and the IDF said one rocket was shot down by the Iron Dome.

Sunday morning brought a new tension and attack that has yet to be seen in recent incidents. As most of Israelis are making their way to work, a terrorist detonates an explosive near a Ma’aleh Adumim checkpoint injuring a police officer. The police officer noticed the driver was acting suspiciously so he had her pull over for questioning. When she got out of the car, she yelled ‘Allah U’Akbar’ and detonated the explosive. The woman was severely burned and taken to the hospital, along with the officer who is recovering at the hospital with light burn wounds. Thank God that he stopped the car; who knows how many other people she planned to kill or harm.

The IDF are investigating the source of this attempted suicide bombing. It is believed to possibly be an act of Hamas. We continue to ask for your prayers as the situation is heating up. The IDF has already situated themselves at the border with Gaza in preparation for rocket attacks. We pray for God’s protection, a strong sense of alertness for everyone, and an abiding peace that surpasses all fear and anger.

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