Rocket Fired Towards Israel from Samaria

On Monday evening, Palestinian militants in the Samarian city of Jenin fired a short-range rocket at Israel proper for the first time ever. Jenin, where the Palestinian Authority is weakest, is a hub of terrorism – but this is the first time that terrorists fired towards Israel from the Palestinian city. For Iran and its proxies, who have long attempted to clone the chaos and terror of the Gaza Strip in Judea and Samaria, this is a major win.

The last weeks have seen a significant escalation in the conflict in this region. A roadside bomb planted by terrorists partially destroyed an IDF armored vehicle last week during a military operation in Jenin, leading to the deployment of an IDF attack helicopter. Reports have also surfaced that a terror cell in the same enclave planned to fire rockets at Israel during the Jerusalem Day Flag Parade in Jerusalem. Finally, a serious terror attack last week murdered four Israelis and injured four more, leading many Israeli settlers to carry out vigilante “revenge” attacks against Palestinian villages in the area.

According to various reports, and in accordance with calls from various government officials, it will not be long before the IDF feels that it has no choice by to initiate a larger operation in Jenin to prevent a further escalation.

Please pray for de-escalation in Israel! Please pray for safety and wisdom for security personnel dealing with the situation. Lastly, please pray for an effective long-term strategy for fighting Palestinian terror in Judea and Samaria.

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