Right-Wing Extremists

The attack on the Arab family a few weeks ago is strongly connected with a growing issue in Israel that needs prayer. There have been numerous incidents over the years of right-wing religious extremists carrying out attacks on Palestinian, Christian and Israeli targets. These are the people who carry out the “price tag” acts and who are accused of setting fire to the Church of Loaves and Fishes just a few months ago. After this most recent attack that led to the baby and father being killed, many in Israel are wanting to come down harsher on these fringe groups that are gaining momentum. Members of these groups do not support the State of Israel or the government and thus Israelis and soldiers oftentimes come under their attacks as well.  We ask that you pray with us for this group of radical and religious Israelis for them to come to the revelation that this avenue of violence and hatred is not of God. Please pray that they will come to find light and Truth.

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