Revenge Attacks by Israelis

On Thursday night, police intervened in an attempt of some Israeli men to lynch three Arab men. Two of them escaped and one was lightly injured before the police arrived. This morning, a Bedouin man was found wounded on the side of the street in the southern town of Dimona and reported that he was attacked by an Israeli. Soon after, three other Arab men were lightly injured in what is most likely a revenge stabbing attack. The man who carried out both of these attacks on Friday morning was taken into custody. It is important that we make clear that we at HFI 100% condemn violence of any kind, whether from an Arab or a Jew. We condemn these attacks by Israeli nationals as much as we do attacks by Palestinian Arabs. We pray for the recovery of these innocent men who were injured and we pray that this will not feed the cycle of violence that has been going on in the past few days and weeks.

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