Resurgence of Gaza Border Riots

Over the last month, following around three years of calm, weekly protests returned to the Gaza border. Every week, hundreds of Gazan Palestinians arrive at the border armed with burning tires, rocks and homemade explosives. After seeing several protesters with loaded guns, officials are concerned that the trend could gain steam in the near future with the number of weekly protesters reaching the thousands.

In response to the riots, Israel closed the “Erez” border crossing to Gaza, cutting off thousands of Gazans who work in Israel.

According to reports, Hamas is not directly involved in the protests. However, some are concerned that closing the border crossing could lead Hamas to retaliate by firing rockets at southern Israel.

Please pray for calm on Israel’s border with Gaza. Please pray for safety for Israeli soldiers and civilians guarding and living in the area. Lastly, please pray for Israeli commanders and officials to respond to and prepare for this situation with wisdom and foresight.

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