Reserve Soldiers Refuse to Serve Over Judicial Fallout

As protests against judicial reform sweep Israel, one participating sector that has attracted attention is the IDF reserve corps. Over the last several months, decorated war heroes and high-level retired officers have drawn fire for their inflammatory remarks including references to the possible necessity of using physical violence. More recently, a group of ten retired Air Force officers signed a letter to PM Netanyahu voicing their concern over the judicial reform.

The most recent and severe expression of protest is the refusal of 37 reserve pilots to appear for training. IDF Chief of Staff Hertzi HaLevi expressed extreme concern over this trend, stressing that reserve forces, like other Israelis, have the right to protest but that it shouldn’t affect their military service. IDF officials are concerned that this refusal sets a dangerous precedent for choosing service on the basis of political affiliation, and that the refusal could spread throughout the reserves.

Please pray that this movement does not spread. Please pray that the IDF can stay apolitical! Please pray for wisdom for officials in responding to this situation. Lastly, please continue to pray for de-escalation of the overall situation surrounding the judicial reform.

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