Refusing to Recognize Israel

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly considering suspending its recognition of Israel ahead of President Biden’s visit to Israel. The goal is to put international pressure on Israel to acquiesce to Ramallah’s demands for a Palestinian state. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is considering suspending the PA’s 1994 recognition of Israel until it withdraws from territories it seized in the 1967 Six-Day War and recognizes a Palestinian state within their border. Ramallah is also considering suspending security ties with Jerusalem. Israel is obviously concerned that, in light of recent clashes with Palestinians, this could be disastrous for Israel’s security all around. Please pray for President Biden’s visit, for viable solutions beneficial to both Israelis and Palestinians. Please pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they face this potentially difficult visit. Lastly, please pray for safety over Israeli civilians and the military from terror attacks that could result from Biden’s visit.

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