Protests Intensify As Reform Vote Countdown Begins

Sunday morning hundreds of thousands of Israelis across the country began the week in protest of the controversial judicial reform legislature, which could officially become law as early as Monday.

This is the current status of the protests:

  • Protesters who began marching from Tel Aviv last Tuesday arrived Saturday evening in Jerusalem ahead of the vote. Many of the protesters set up tents in the Sacher Park in central Jerusalem, near the Knesset, ready to protest Sunday morning.
  • Jerusalemite doctors announced a “white coat” protest (referencing the doctors’ medical uniform) at 12 noon, at the entrance to the city.
  • Protesters prayed “shacharit” (morning prayers) at the Western Wall before forming a human chain to the Knesset building several kilometers away. This move, a call for unity and compromise, is different than previous protest statements.
  • Israel’s influential labor unions signed a letter to the prime minister, giving the premier until 4pm to reach a compromise on the legislation. If the condition is not met, the signatories said they will convene another meeting to discuss further action. This is a big deal, since in March it was largely the pressure of the labor unions that forced Netanyahu to call a halt.
  • Additional protests are heating up in other cities across the country. Police arrested at least six protesters so far.
  • Iranian state media continues gloating predictions of Israel’s self-destruction.

Please pray for the government’s immediate recognition of the need for consensus! Please pray that they would act accordingly. Lastly, please pray for unity and safety for all Israelis against both internal and external threats.

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