Protests Against Judicial Reform Escalate as Key Sectors Join

Two influential sectors joined the protest movement officially on Wednesday, upping the ante for the judicial reform.

Firstly, 161 high-ranking Air Force (IAF) reserve officers notified the IAF commander of their immediate cessation of reserve duty. These officers join hundreds of soldiers from other influential combat and intelligence units who have stopped volunteering in protest of the judicial reform. The operational experience of these commanders cannot be replaced; their stepping down will severely impact the IDF’s readiness.

In addition, hundreds of doctors from hospitals across Israel held a two-hour strike Wednesday morning. While the doctors’ strike did not impact emergency services, birthing rooms or cancer wards, it sends a strong message. According to a spokesperson for the Doctors’ Union, around 90% of active physicians oppose the judicial reform to some degree. The union added their belief that patients will be harmed more by the passing of the legislation than by the two hours’ strike.

In tandem, President Biden issued a public condemnation of the reform, telling PM Netanyahu that he must call a halt immediately. The statement followed the first direct conversation in months between the two heads of state.

As the protests become more widespread, the coalition holds to its current course – passing the reform bill before the Knesset’s summer recess.

Please pray for a wakeup call for Israel’s leaders. Israel needs compromise, and they are the only ones who can achieve it! Please pray for healing of the differences and disagreements between Israelis. Lastly, please continue to pray for God’s divine protection over His people and His land during this time of upheaval.

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