Protection for Jewish and Israeli Institutions Abroad

It was recently revealed in Israeli news that two German men of Palestinian descent were charged at the end of last year and are currently facing trial for planning a major terror attack on either an Israeli embassy or synagogue in Germany. Throughout the proceedings, it has come to light that the two men on trial were inspired by ISIS to carry out this attack and were caught making homemade bombs like those used in Tunisia. Thank God that these men were caught by the authorities before carrying out this act. Please pray for governments and security units within the nations who are hard at work to prevent attacks. We know that this is a full-time job for security, military and police forces in Israel, but we also know that this is of growing concern in many Western nations. We pray for wisdom for policy makers and those who work in the field to to develop proper systems and governance to deal with this rising threat not only in Israel and the Middle East, but within their own nation and neighborhoods. May God pour out His grace and mercy and be a shield for His children.

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