Progress in Unseating Netanyahu

The anti-Netanyahu bloc has reportedly made progress in advancing the possibility of unseating sitting Prime Minister Netanyahu. Yair Lapid, who was tasked with forming a new government after Netanyahu wasn’t able to, reported that talks are progressing with parties who oppose Netanyahu. If he succeeds, he will bring an end to Netanyahu’s 12-year tenure of being Israel’s Prime Minister. The main sources of contention are the Orthodox Jewish parties, which have become increasingly powerful in the past decade, and matters of religion and state. Currently, the Orthodox Rabbinate controls all matters related to birth, marriage, and death in the country. Opponents of the PM argue that Israel should extend civil rights to its citizens, especially because Israel is a country not just of Jewish people, but also of Muslims, Druze, Christians, etc. Centrist and liberal parties in the country are pushing for a clearer separation of religion and state, which we could see happen if Lapid succeeds in forming a new government. Please continue to pray as Israel either moves towards forming a new government or 5th elections. Please also pray for wisdom for all involved, and that if there is a transfer of power, that it will be done with grace and humility. Lastly, please pray that Israel will have a God-fearing leader above all!

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