Prison Rioting Heightens Tensions

Over the last 24 hours, several rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israeli border communities. There has been no loss of life so far. Hamas and PIJ leaders say the rockets are in response to worsening conditions for female prisoners in Israeli high-security prisons. In response, the Israeli Air Force targeted several key sites in the coastal enclave used for terrorist activity.

For background, a serious uptick in Palestinian aggression and terrorism began last Ramadan (March 2022), leading to Operation “Breaking the Wave” which includes nightly arrests by the IDF and Shin Bet of terror suspects.

The new Israeli government has already taken more severe measures to curb the violence, including approving more civilian gun permits, rerouting money intended for the Palestinian Authority, and taking away certain “luxuries” in Israeli high-security facilities.

Over the last few days, the tensions in the prisons have worsened considerably, with over a hundred Palestinian prisoners going on a hunger strike, and the leader of Hamas calling for an “insurrection” in Israeli jails.

Please pray for peace! Please pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders to navigate the situation with the least possible loss of life. Lastly, please pray for protection over Israeli security forces and first responders, and also over civilians on both sides!

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