Priestly Blessing at Western Wall

The Priestly Blessing, “Birkat Ha Kohanim”, is a Passover tradition at the Western Wall that usually attracts thousands of worshippers. Last year, due to the pandemic, authorities severely restricted attendance. This year, however, it will be open to all, with restrictions in place to curb overcrowding. According to the Health Ministry, all members of the general public are allowed to attend in accordance with the Western Wall Plaza’s allowed capacity. Plastic capsules will be put in place to separate worshippers into small groups, and masks will be required. The event will also take place over two days as opposed to one day in order to allow for more participants while not overcrowding. This is a very special tradition and comes at a much-needed season for Israelis. Please pray for a peaceful and special event for all who will participate. Please also continue to pray for God’s blessing over all of Israel, Jew and Gentile alike, and that we will come to know Him more and more each day.

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