Prayers for Sukkot

This evening, September 27, as the sun sets we welcome in the Feast of Booths, or in Hebrew it’s called Sukkot. For seven full days, the people of Israel set up handmade booths outside their home, fully decorated and a place where families eat, gather, talk and sometimes sleep under for the duration of the week. It is a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving to God for His provisions He gave to the Israelites in the 40 years that they wandered in the wilderness. It is also a time to praise Him in our own personal lives as He has poured out provision and blessing. We ask that you join with us to pray for the people of Israel during this celebratory time, especially considering that riots and attacks continue on an almost daily basis throughout the Fall Feasts. We pray for protection and a covering that will carry on past Sukkot.

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