Prayer for Rain in Northern Israel

It is the rainy season in Israel, yet, there is one specific area that has not received enough rainfall this year and that is the Northern Galilee region. Here are a few points that you can pray with us:

*Pray for the opening of the skies on northern Israel so that the Sea of Galilee will be filled.
* Pray for the Land of Israel and that God would bless the ground and multiply the crops and harvest for this coming year.
*Pray for the repentance and salvation of the people of Israel and their return to God and a revelation of their Messiah.
*Pray for the hearts of Israelis to look to God in their times of need, drought, and dryness as a nation and in their personal lives.
*Pray for praise to rise up from the mouths of His people.

May December 28 be a day that Israel will know that the Lord opened the heavens because of the prayers and praise of His people.

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