Prayer Points for Israel

US Bill Introduced to Punish for Boycotting Israel – In an unprecedented move of support for Israel, the US House of Representatives introduced a bill that would remove government funding for academic institutions that boycott Israel.  The bill is supported by both Republicans and Democrats and seeks to send a clear message of support for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.  Please pray that this bill will pass, as it will set a precedent for further support for Israel, as well as help to delegitimize the current BDS campaign against Israel.  Please also pray for a new wave of blessing over the USA for their vocal support for Israel.  For more, see US Support for Israel

Rockets from Gaza Hit Ashkelon – Two rockets fired from Gaza hit near the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Thursday.  The rockets hit in the evening, a time when people were at home.  The IDF commented that these rockets are becoming more precise in their locations and more sophisticated in their overall capabilities to kill.  Please pray that the situation in Gaza and Egypt will not escalate to a full-blown military operation, especially as current ruling powers there are losing their grip on rogue militant groups who are operating within their borders.  Please also pray for safety and protection over Israel’s citizens from these rockets.  For more, see Rockets Hit South

Crime Rising in Israel – from recent organized crime car bombs to more domestic violence incidents, crime in Israel is on the rise.  The severity of the crimes – especially within public spheres – is definitely concerning.  Several innocent bystanders have been wounded or killed from car bombs that have been set for a specific person.  The rising stress in the country can be seen in the number of murders of spouses, children, and/or significant others.  Please pray for the people of Israel, that we will not allow the current stress around us affect the way we treat each other.  Please pray that this disturbing rise in crime will cease, and that even though Scripture foretells a rise in lawlessness, that the Body of Messiah will be a strong force for righteousness in Israel. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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