Prayer Points for Israel

Lapid Warns Against Failed Peace Talks:  Knesset Member Yair Lapid sternly warned that failed peace talks with the Palestinians will leave the Israeli economy in shambles.  This is because of the looming EU boycott threat if the talks fail.  He warned that if such a boycott happens, 9,800 workers will be fired immediately, and that every Israeli will feel it in their wallet.  Please pray for God’s supernatural provision for Israel, despite the world’s threats.  Please also pray that many people will arise in the world who will support Israel’s economy regardless of any boycotts. 

16 E Jerusalem Residents Arrested:  Last week, 16 residents of East Jerusalem were arrested for connection to a Hamas cell operating within the city.  This is a dangerous development, as it shows more and more youth becoming radicalized within Israel’s borders.  There are many within the government calling to study and understand what motivates this movement and why they are becoming radicalized.  Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection from enemies within her borders, who seek to destroy her and her identity as a Jewish Nation.  Please also pray for continued wisdom for Israel’s security and intelligence agencies as they are always looking to find such enemies.

Syrian Weapon Arsenal Increasing:  The US Intelligence Chief, James Clapper, reported that although Syria has agreed to dismantle its chemical weapons, it has advanced its biological weapons to a point where they are a real threat.  There is also great concern that terror groups will gain access to toxic agents for use against Western nations.  Please pray that as the Syrian situation grows worse, that God will prevent such terrorists to gain control of these deadly agents, and that such weapons will not be used against Israel.  May the LORD protect us from the plans of the enemy to harm.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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