Prayer Points for Israel

Shin Bet Foils Terror Attack on US Embassy:  The Israeli security agency, Shin Bet, announced last week that it uncovered a plan by Al Qaeda to blow up the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, as well as the Jerusalem Convention Center.  While the US has not made any official comment about the incident, it seems that at least three Palestinians were involved in the plan.  Please continue to pray for Israel’s security, especially against terror plots that are uncovered almost daily.  Please pray that the LORD will continue to protect Israel, and that He will grant wisdom to Israel’s leaders to keep uncovering plans to harm Israel.

Rouhani Says Iran & USA Can Be Friends:  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a recent interview that he is hopeful the USA and Iran can turn their bitter relationship into a friendly one in light of recent developments between the two countries.  This is a dangerous prospect, as Iran has no intention of submitting to demands to halt its nuclear weapon ambitions, and seeks recognition as a viable power in the Middle East.  This is very dangerous for Israel as well, since Iranian leaders have a history of calling for Israel’s total destruction.  Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection from Iran, especially as the world refuses to hold Iran totally accountable for its defiance in its nuclear program.  Please also pray that God will frustrate the Iranians’ quest to become a nuclear power by developing a nuclear weapon.

Russia Supplying Military Aid to Syria:  Russia has stepped up its involvement in the Syrian civil war by supplying a fresh supply of military gear, such as armored vehicles, drones, guided bombs, and other weapons.  This is causing great concern for Western powers, who continue to condemn Bashar Assad’s cruel and deadly crackdown on the opposition to his regime.  The fighting has spilled over Lebanon’s borders, and Israel continues to keep vigil watch along its border with Syria.  Please pray this civil war will end quickly, and that Bashar Assad will be brought to justice for his crimes against his people.  Please also pray that Israel’s border with Syria will be kept secure and that terrorists seeking an opportunity to enter Israel will be kept back. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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