Prayer Points for Israel

Operation Protective Edge:  After 29 grueling days, the military campaign against the terror group, Hamas, has halted in a 72-hour ceasefire.  So far, Hamas has upheld the ceasefire, unlike the previous 6 ceasefires in which it took advantage of the lull to fire on Israel. While the casualty rate is high in Gaza, Israel’s claim that many of these deaths are a result of Hamas hiding behind human shields is now being confirmed.  Numerous foreign journalists have confirmed this in their reports since leaving Gaza, now that they do not fear for their lives.  Soldiers are returning home in Israel, and many are breathing a deep sigh of relief…for now.  So much is still left to be decided regarding Hamas and whether it will be disarmed.  Egypt is brokering the ceasefire, which is favorable for Israel, as they have proven themselves to be a true partner in fighting Islamic extremists. Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom for Israel’s leaders, especially that they will not bow to international pressure to allow Hamas to rearm and not be held accountable for their crimes.  Please pray for the families on both sides who lost their loved ones, that they would find their peace in the LORD, and that their grief would be met with deep peace in Him.  Please also pray for those soldiers who were injured – many of whom are still seriously injured, or fighting for their lives; please pray for miraculous healing for them!  Lastly, please pray for our enemies, that they would come from darkness to the light of Yeshua and repent for raging against the LORD and His Anointed One (Psalm 2).

Rioting & Terror Attacks in Israel:  The unrest amongst the Arab residents of Judea & Samaria continues to rage in reaction to the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, especially as many in the international community blame Israel for the “massacre” of innocent Palestinians.  The rioting amongst the Arab Palestinians has become more intense and violent, and there have been numerous terror attacks in Jerusalem and in various places in Israel. At least one person died from such an attack when an Arab man stole a tractor and tipped over a bus onto him.  Please pray for the LORD’s spirit of peace to reign in the hearts of all in this volatile region – Jew and Arab alike.  Please pray that the Gospel of peace will go forth with a firm voice and that many will know the peace that only He can give! Lastly, please pray for protection over Israel in this trying time.

Anti-Semitism Rising:  The number of anti-Semitic attacks and demonstrations against Israel and the Jewish people is astounding.  In Europe, especially, the hatred against the Jewish people burns in the hearts of many Europeans, making it a dangerous place for Jewish people to be.  We are beginning to see a large wave of immigration of French Jews, and also from other places within Europe. Please pray for great wisdom and strength for Jewish people throughout the world, as they will continue to suffer anti-Semitism in these last days.  Please pray for open doors for them to immigrate to Israel, the only place where a Jew will be safe to live in coming years!  Lastly, please pray for open hearts for Jewish people all over to hear and receive the gospel of peace.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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