Prayer Points for Israel

3 Kidnapped Teens Still Missing: The search for three Israeli Yeshiva teenagers who are believed kidnapped intensified over the last week.  It has now been a full week since they teens disappeared on their way home for the Sabbath, and no group has yet to take credit for the incident.  It is not known if the boys are still alive, or if they are being held for a possible Palestinian prisoner exchange.  Please continue to pray for the boys’ safe and immediate return.  Please also pray that Israel will find those responsible for the kidnapping and bring them to justice.

IAF Hits Terror Targets in Gaza:  After rounds of renewed missiles fired from Gaza, the IAF retaliated by bombing known terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip.  The militants in Gaza have taken advantage of the IDF’s search for the missing teens in the Judea & Samaria region by shooting more missiles into Israel. Please pray for protection over the communities under fire in southern Israel, and for wisdom for Israel’s military and government leaders as they combat these two fronts.

Crackdown on Hamas within Israel:  The Israeli Police Commissioner shut down two known Hamas affiliates operating within Jerusalem as part of the wider crackdown on Hamas within Israeli borders. Since Hamas is widely suspected of backing the abduction of the three Israeli teens, Israel has taken drastic measures to ensure it does not spread its influence within Israel’s borders.  Please continue to pray for this difficult situation, in which Israel is very much caught between a rock and a hard place.  Hamas is now more openly operating within Israel, causing more problems than people realize.  Please pray for a continual stream of intelligence that will help Israel stop terror attacks before they happen, and help Israel to keep those responsible behind bars.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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