Prayer Points for Israel

Rocket from Gaza Launched into Israel:  Late this week, Gaza militants launched a rocket into southern Israel, which barely missed hitting a major traffic artery in the region.  Thankfully, the rocket landed in an open field, causing no injuries.  This is the first rocket launched since the unity government has begun ruling in the Palestinian Territories.  Netanyahu called upon Mahmoud Abbas to dismantle terrorist groups if they want any real chance for a “peace” agreement. Please continue to pray for Israel’s safety during this major shift in the region, especially as this new Palestinian government is now operating in cooperation with Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist entity.

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Approved:  A bill promoting euthanasia (assisted suicide) passed in a sub-committee of the Knesset. The bill gives physicians the right to assist a terminally ill patient who is on life support to die from a lethal dose of a sedative.  The bill closely resembles America’s “Death with Dignity Act”. While many support this bill, many are speaking out against it, namely Israel’s Chief Rabbis who say it goes against the “Sanctity of Life” tenet, which is very dominant in Judaism.  Please pray for this great wisdom for Israel’s leadership concerning this bill, as this could very well lead to unforeseen consequences that would impact the lives of many. 

88 Senators Urge Obama to Reject PA Government:  88 Senators have sent a letter to Obama strongly urging him to reconsider the US’s support for the new Fatah-Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority, stating that Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization, and the United States should not be supporting it.  Please pray that President Obama will heed the cries of these Senators, who are acting wisely in their objection to supporting the PA government.  Please also pray for a similar outcome in the UN and the European Union.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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