Prayer Points for Israel

Suicide Bombing Foiled in Israel:  Israeli Defense Forces apprehended a Palestinian man Friday morning who was wearing an explosives belt at a junction near Ariel.  Praise God, he was not successful in carrying out his planned attack, but the IDF is now searching the region for other men who were plotting the attack.  There is concern that these men may have additional bombs with them.  Please pray for these men to be found before any further attacks can be carried out!  Please also pray that the Lord will continue to grant Israel’s military intelligence with information needed to prevent these kinds of attacks.

Obama Admin Acknowledges new Palestinian PM:  The Obama administration invited Rami Hamdallah, the new Palestinian leader of the new Fatah-Hamas government, to the White House.  This is a sign that the administration recognizes and supports the new reconciliation between Hamas – an internationally recognized terrorist organization – and Fatah, which shows a huge shift in US policy towards negotiating with terror groups. Please pray for this recent development, as it is a troubling sign of new challenges on the horizon for Israel.  The moment that Hamas is recognized as a viable governing entity, despite its terror history, is dangerous for Israel, and may be another sign that Israel is losing American support. Lastly, please pray for divine wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they deal with this latest challenge.

Riots on Temple Mount:  Palestinians and Israeli Arabs continue to riot on the Temple Mount, causing much chaos in the Old City of Jerusalem. This in addition to the recently foiled suicide attack could be troubling indicators of what is to come for Israel.  Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – Yeshua – and for the salvation of Jews and Arabs alike throughout the Land, that we will find our peace in Him alone!

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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