Prayer Points for Israel

Katyusha Rockets Fired into Northern Israel – earlier last week, a terrorist organization in Lebanon fired 5 rockets towards Israel.  Two of them landed in the northern town of Kiryat Shmona. Miraculously, no one was injured.  The IDF responded with heavy artillery towards the launch site.  Please pray for the heated situation on Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and Egypt.  Israel is literally surrounded by hostile countries, whose governments have lost much control over their citizens, creating dangerous breeding grounds for terrorism against Israel.  Please also pray that Israel will be smart about how to deal with this threat.

Reports of a 3rd Intifada Credible – a worrisome report from within the Palestinian Authority indicates that a 3rd Intifada (Uprising) is already brewing, and will most likely break out if the current round of “peace” talks fails.  This is not an Israeli report, but a Palestinian one, and Palestinian leaders are fearful of an uprising that would bring much destruction to both Palestinians and Israelis.  Please continue to pray for God’s prevention of such an uprising.  Israel has been in a relative period of quiet, and we are asking the LORD to protect us from such an uprising.  Please also pray that Israel will devise a plan to effectively address the issue of Palestinians without compromising Israel’s security.  Only the LORD can help us!

Hamas On the Rise in Judea & Samaria – recent reports indicate that Hamas is actively working to increase its influence in the Judea & Samaria region of Israel (“West Bank”).  Hamas is currently setting up a rocket-manufacturing site similar to what it has in Gaza to make rockets that could be fired into Israel, but to also intimidate Palestinians who do not support them.  They are also actively recruiting members to widen their support base within the region, giving them more power to overthrow Fatah, which is the current governing faction of the Palestinian Authority.  Please pray for a strong PA resistance to the rise of Hamas, as Hamas clearly has a militant overthrow in mind.  This would be a serious problem for Israel, as the situation in Gaza has shown quite clearly.  Please also pray that God will continue to protect Israel from an all-out onslaught of missiles from Hamas, whether from Gaza or the Judea/Samaria region. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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