Prayer Points for Israel

Thailand Thwarts Terror Attack:  Thai authorities reportedly thwarted a terror attack on Israelis who would be traveling to Thailand during the Passover holiday.  Hizbullah reportedly was responsible for the planned attack.  Please continue to pray for Israel and Jewish people throughout the world during the remaining Passover week, especially as many Israelis are traveling.  Please also pray for peaceful celebrations as Jewish people continue to gather together to commemorate the Passover feast.

“Peace” Talks Crumbling:  The current round of “peace” talks are set to expire at the end of April, with only failure and frustration resulting from them.  The current round of talks have brought out the truth that the Palestinians do not desire for a co-existence with Israel, and will never recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland.  This has been an important aspect of the talks, and will influence future “negotiations”.  Please continue to pray for Israel in this difficult time, as the fallout from these failed talks could be very painful.  Please pray that the LORD will supernaturally show His protective hand over Israel during this time as well.

Riots on Temple Mount:  Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount after Friday prayers, causing much chaos in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Thankfully, no one was reported injured, but this is a troubling indicator of what is to come with failed “peace” talks.  Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – Yeshua – and for the salvation of Jews and Arabs alike throughout the Land, that we will find our peace in Him alone!

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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