Prayer Points for Israel

IDF Soldier Killed in Crash – a 19-yr-old soldier was killed when his humvee overturned in a routine patrol along the Lebanese border.  Two other soldiers were injured in the accident.  The soldier was only six months into his military service and his family is devastated.  Please pray for the LORD’s comfort for his family, and for a quick healing for the injured soldiers.  Please also pray for God’s protection over our soldiers in general, especially as they are in increasingly stressful situations with current conditions along all of Israel’s borders.

Peace Talks Reach Impasse – Not surprisingly, the latest round of “peace” talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have reached an impasse.  Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that he can do no more to facilitate an agreement between the two sides.  Israel refused to release the 4th round of terrorists from Israeli prisons after the PA submitted applications for recognition by several UN agencies, which is a breach of conditions for the talks. What will result is now to be seen…Please continue to pray for Israel in this difficult time, that the LORD will provide her leaders His great wisdom in taking the next steps.  Please also pray for protection from violent backlashes by the Palestinians in light of the failure of these talks. 

Hamas Fires Rockets into Israel – Hamas fired several rockets into southern Israel, to which the IAF responded by bombing several terrorist targets within Gaza.  Please continue to pray for the LORD’s protection over Israel from her enemies who seek to destroy her.  Please also pray for the civilians in Gaza who need the saving power of the Gospel! 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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