Prayer Points for Israel

Palestinians Reject Talk Extension – the Palestinians have rejected an Israeli proposal to extend the current “peace” talks beyond the original April 29th deadline.  They claim it is tantamount to “blackmail”.  The Palestinians will most likely seek recognition through the UN, as this is what they have been threatening will happen if these talks fail.  Please intercede for Israel in this difficult time, as so much is unknown.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and mercy for Israel’s leaders, and for strength to stand firm and not compromise on His promises for Israel.

Syria Deploys Anti-Aircraft Defense along Turkish Border – after Turkey shot down a Syrian jet, which apparently violated its airspace, Syria installed anti-aircraft batteries along its border with Turkey.  Syrian officials have said they will shoot down any Turkish aircraft that violates their airspace.  The chaos in the Middle East is only growing worse and Israel is in the throws of it all.  Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection from the chaos that ensues around her, and for great wisdom for the Israeli government to make wise decisions regarding Israel’s defense.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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