Prayer Points for Israel

Four IDF Soldiers Wounded in Golan:  Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an attack along the Israel/Syria border earlier in the week, in which four IDF soldiers were seriously wounded.  Hezbollah claimed it was retaliation for Israel’s attack on a weapons transport earlier in March, in which Syria was secretly delivering weapons to Hezbollah.  The attack on an IDF jeep patrolling the border in the Golan Heights is one of many recent attacks from Syria and Lebanon, meant to provoke Israel into a full-blown war, which many fear may result soon.  Please intercede for Israel in this time, as the situation is growing more intense every day along her borders.  Please also pray that Israel will receive great wisdom from the LORD, as He is her ultimate Defender.  Lastly, please pray for God’s protection for Israel’s soldiers each day as they protect our citizens and keep our land safe. 

IDF Discovers Another Terror Tunnel:  The IDF reported that it discovered yet another underground tunnel near the Gaza Strip border fence.  Such tunnels are meant to secretly transport weapons as well as aid terrorists to launch surprise terrorist attacks on Israel.  Hamas has denied that this was a new tunnel discovery, saying that it was just part of one that Israel uncovered several months ago. That tunnel was apparently supposed to be used to launch an attack on an Israeli kindergarten.  Please continue to pray for Israel to uncover terror plots before they happen, and for the LORD’s wisdom to be strong on the Israeli government and military leaders.  Please also pray for His continued hand of protection along the Gaza border, and for the gospel to go forth with fervor amongst the Palestinians who are blinded by so much hatred and lies against Israel.

PA Blames Settlements for Failed Peace Talks:  The Palestinian Authority blamed Israel this week for causing an impasse in current “peace” talks due to its continued settlement building.  While it was inevitable that the PA would blame Israel for the failed talks, many fail to recognize that a settlement freeze was never a precondition for the talks in the first place.  Abbas’ recent trip to the White House further confirmed the PA’s resolve to reject the Obama Administration’s outline for peace between Israel and the PA, and they are expected to further their pursuit of recognition as an independent state at the UN.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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