Prayer Points for Israel

Rockets Raining Down in South:  Over 60 rockets have fallen in southern Israel in a period of 24-hours; Gaza militants are taking advantage of the heavy rains to prevent the IAF from responding with air raids.  While no one has been injured, miraculously, the residents of the south are living in terror, with the possibility of rockets falling at any moment.  Israel has responded with heavy tank fire on the border with Gaza.  Please pray for great wisdom for Israel in this time, especially as they decide how to proceed with a military response.  Please also pray for the residents of southern Israel, that they will know the LORD’s peace in this difficult time, and for His protection over them.  Lastly, please pray for a breakthrough in the situation in Gaza, that the residents there will understand the militarization & terror of their territory is bringing great suffering to them. 

Relations with Jordan on the Rocks:  After a Jordanian Judge was shot by the IDF after he apparently tried to attack the soldiers, relations between Israel and Jordan have grown highly tense.  Jordan is the last bordering country that has remained in good diplomatic relations with Israel since the Arab Spring erupted in late 2010.  The Jordanian parliament is now calling for the Israeli Ambassador to be expelled, and for the Jordanian Ambassador to be recalled from Israel.  These could be the beginning of troubling times ahead for Israel and Jordan…Please pray that there will be a quick resolve to the situation and for the LORD’s wisdom for the Israeli government in their next steps.  As Israel becomes almost totally isolated in the Middle East, we are in great need of God’s wisdom!

Arab League Rejects Israel as Jewish State:  The Arab League confirmed its support for the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State this week.  This further complicates the situation between the two sides, as Netanyahu has made it clear there will be no agreement without this recognition.  The rift between the two sides seems to be growing larger in recent weeks, causing further speculation that talks will not be extended beyond the April deadline, effectively ending the current round with no agreement reached.  Please continue to pray for Israel as the reality of these talks failing will bring much heat on Israel.  Please also pray that the Palestinians will not seek statehood through the UN, which could keep Israel out of the negotiations for its own existence.  

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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