Prayer Points for Israel

Gas Line Cut in Terror Attempt:  Two gas balloons were intentionally damaged in order to cause an explosion in a Jerusalem neighborhood.  A candle was also lit close to one in order to facilitate the explosion.  By God’s grace, no explosion ensued, but a dangerous level of gas filled the area and residents needed to be evacuated.  Police are investigating this as an attempted terror attack.  Please continue to intercede for Israel as tensions between Jewish and Arab peoples are rising due to recent snags in the “peace” talks.  Please also pray that those attempting this attack will be found and brought to justice.  Lastly, please pray for protection from further attacks.

Israel Intercepts Iranian Arms Shipment:  The Israeli Navy intercepted a large shipment of Syrian-made rockets, which were shipped from Iran, apparently on their way to Gaza.  While Iran flatly denies the shipment is theirs, the evidence is quite strong to the contrary.  These rockets have the capability to reach targets up to 200 kilometers away from their launching point.  This could have caused incredible destruction for Israel if they reached Gaza militants.  Please continue to pray for that future shipments will be intercepted and that the LORD will bless Israel with even greater intelligence in the future, to prevent many more attacks. 

Abbas to Meet with Obama: Next week, Mahmoud Abbas will meet with President Obama in Washington to discuss making “peace” with Israel.  Obama is expected to heavily pressure Abbas to take the deal Kerry will present, but the Palestinian Authority is applying equal pressure to reject it. Time will tell what will happen, but if these talks fail, the fallout could be tremendous for Israel, as the PA will most likely seek recognition as a State via the UN.  Please continue to pray for Israel in this difficult time, where she is really stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and direction for her leaders as they have some tough decisions ahead of them. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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