Prayer Letter – September 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

Shalom and Greetings to you from Jerusalem! After the vacations, summer fun, and a more relaxed schedule (at least for the kids), September marks a return to school for grades 1-12. September also brings with it the joys of the High Holidays. This is always a special time of year; it has been over three months since the last Jewish holiday when we celebrated Shavuot in the spring. Now we are kicking it into full gear with school, new projects, and plenty of holidays to gather with friends and family. We praise God that this summer was much quieter than last after the war with Gaza. Yet, we are still aware of the tension between the Israeli Arab and Jewish community. There have been attacks almost every week and sometimes several times a week. We are always praying for a hedge of protection over Israel against the attacks of the Enemy. Please join us in praying for fruit as we enter into fall and the renewal that comes with a new season. Also, please stand with us as constant intercessors for the people of Israel.

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Fall Feasts: Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) – Eve of September 13-15; Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) – Eve of September 22-23; Feast of Tabernacles (Succot) – Eve of September 27-October 5. The excitement of the fall feasts gives us something to look forward to in the coming weeks. It is also an opportunity to pray for a revelation of the Messiah to the people of Israel. Also, we must keep in mind that this year the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifices) coincides with Yom Kippur, so we ask you to pray that this will be a peaceful time for Jews and Arabs to fast and pray without any violent disruptions. Finally, please pray that these festivities will be a time of joy and safety with family and friends and most importantly, that they will come to know Yeshua as the ultimate Atonement.

Iran: The only possibility at this point that the Iran nuclear deal will not pass is if a majority of the U.S. Congress votes against it. The Congress has until mid-September to review the Iran agreement and to potentially vote on a resolution blocking the deal. To override a veto from the president, 67 senators and 290 members of the House of Representatives would need to vote against the agreement. PM Netanyahu has been campaigning hard to inform and influence the decision of members of Congress. Please pray for all of the members of the U.S. Congress as they make a very important decision in the coming weeks. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for every player involved, both in Israel and abroad. Pray for the people of Iran as they are the ones that face trials and persecution from the Iranian regime and have carried the most weight for the wrongful direction of their government.

Boycotts on Israel: The growing momentum to boycott Israel from all different spheres (academic, economic, cultural, etc.) is becoming of concern in Israel and internationally. The Prime Minister of Israel, among other influential political and cultural leaders, has taken this issue more seriously and began campaigning against the ‘Boycott Israel’ groups. We ask for your prayers for Israel during this time of trial as the nations are coming against the State of Israel. We ask that God would glorify Himself throughout these difficult times. Please also pray for HFI as we begin to share more about this BDS campaign through articles and social media outlets. We ask for wisdom and guidance to approach this issue in a godly and honorable way. “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all people on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:3).

Extremist Terrorism: In the past month we have seen several instances of both Arab and Jewish terrorism, one always fueling the other. Within days from each other we saw an uprising of far right-wing religious Jews protesting the destruction of illegal settlements, a stabbing of 6 people (one that led to the death of a 16-year old teenage girl) by an ultra-orthodox man at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, and the murder of two members of an Arab family (a baby and his father) after Jewish extremists set their house on fire. All of this made an even bigger fire on an already lit flame of Arab terrorist activity. Soon after these events the number of attacks on Israelis increased, despite the fact that the overall majority of Israeli public decried the attacks made by religious Jewish extremists. Please pray for Israel during this tense time between Arabs and Jews. The relationship is so fragile that one major incident can derail any progress towards unity and reconciliation. Pray that all of the people that choose a violent path would turn from their ways. Please pray for truth, unity and reconciliation between Israeli Jews and the Arabs.

Israeli Administration: The people of Israel are subject to the rulings and decisions of the Israeli government. Israel faces many struggles, whether economically, politically, or socially — as do all nations. We simply ask that you would join us in prayer for those whom God has appointed to be the leaders of this generation in Israel. Pray that this will be a government and nation that puts their hope and trust in the Lord and would rule with righteousness, truth and honor. Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name. Let Your mercy, O LORD, be upon us, just as we hope in You. Psalm 33:20–22

Israeli Borders: Israelis live in constant tension of threats from within her borders and the neighbors surrounding her. Enemies of Israel stand at every corner of the country with Hezbollah threatening the northern border, the war in Syria only miles away, and the constant threat of surprise attacks by Hamas from Gaza and the Palestinian territories. We see how God is divinely protecting His people and we ask for constant prayers in this area. We serve a God who is in control of all circumstances and protects His children. Please pray that we would not live in fear of danger of an enemy that we cannot see. Pray for God’s hand to watch over all those the enemy would seek to harm. Also, that we would learn to love our enemy and pray that he would turn from his evil ways and come into the light of Yeshua.

Back to School: On September 1 all of the children in Israel head back to school. We pray that this summer break has been full of fun and growth both for the children and their parents. As is every year, families are gearing up again for their kids return to a normal school schedule. We ask for your prayers during this time of preparation for families and kids as they transition to a new year with new teachers and friends. Please also pray for HFI as the return to school means a return of youth to NerYah. Join us in prayer for a graceful transition and a heart that is ready to tackle the New Year with energy, strength and optimism for all that God has planned.

American Airlines: Recently American Airlines headquarters made a decision that come January 4, all of their direct flights from Philadelphia to Israel will be discontinued. They claim that this decision is based on financial loss, saying that this route has never been profitable since it was first started in 2009. Yet, this seems contrary to what many other American employees are saying and considering the flights are always full. We hope and pray that the motives of the company are not rooted in partiality against the Jewish state and that they are disclosing the full truth and facts surrounding this decision. Please pray that the management at American Airlines will act in wisdom and reverse their decision. Please pray that the entire truth will be revealed if there is anything hidden. Also, please keep in your prayers the 19 AA employees stationed in Israel that are at risk of losing their jobs once the flight officially closes.

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran – The month of September for Moran is a busy one. He is hosting a tour group, travelling to the U.S. for an important speaking engagement, and working to finish a book that he is co-writing. Please cover him in prayer for wisdom and strength during this very busy season of work and travels. Also, please join Moran and the Hope for Israel staff in prayer for wisdom about the future of the organization – to be sensitive to the Lord’s guidance and direction.

Rosh Hashanah Project – Come the eve of September 13, all the families in Israel will be gathering together for a festive meal with sweets to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah (literally meaning ‘the head of the year’). Yet, our hearts go out to the families that are unable to host or contribute to such celebrations strictly because of financial restraints. We want every family to start out the New Year with joy and happiness, rather than a reminder of the hardships. The staff at Hope for Israel regularly prays for the Rosh Hashanah project that we do every year with hopes that we can bless as many families as possible. Please join us in prayer that God would meet every need for each family that needs help during the holiday season, even the ones that we are unable to reach. We pray that God will use us in a powerful way to touch the lives of Israel families across the country.

Fall Newsletter – In the coming months we will be working on the fall newsletter. As we begin writing and researching we ask that you would cover us in prayer for divine wisdom and revelation throughout the entire process. We strive to put forth words of truth and wisdom for how best to orient our biblical worldview and lifestyle. Pray that God would lead us into all of these things.

40% Growth in 2015- We would appreciate it if you would join us in prayer about the growth and future of HFI. We have a goal to grow by 40% in financial giving in order to be able to serve with a greater capacity, as well to grow in partners and the number of tours we host throughout the year. Please pray for guidance and direction from God in every area of the organization – finances, partners, projects and tours.

HFI Board – Please continue to pray for the Board as they always have important decisions for the ministry in front of them. Please ask for provisions and protection from any attacks that the Enemy would try to make on the health and well being of the members of the Board and/or their families.

HFI Staff – Please keep our staff in your prayers continuously for both their work and personal lives. Please pray for guidance and vision in the work place, especially as the staff adjusts to the dynamics of working in a new office. Pray that God would divinely work in the tasks that each one carries out on a daily basis. Also cover their families in your prayers for health, strength, and wisdom in every area of their lives.

NerYah Youth Group –We would love it if you could stand in prayer with us for the youth of NerYah. They will all be starting school on September 1 with new teachers and classmates. We ask that you pray for God’s help with them as they get back into the rhythm of studying and classwork. Pray also as they learn and struggle to be a light in their schools even as they may be the only believer in that school. Please pray against any attacks from the Enemy to distract or tempt them from remaining strong in their faith.

NerYah Leaders – Please pray for the leaders and staff of NerYah as they plan and start a new year of weekly gatherings and study of the Word with new and old students. Please pray that God will give them guidance and direction as they come up with lessons for the school year. We ask that God would give them a Word that will speak into the lives of the youth members throughout this coming year. Also, we ask for your prayers for future NerYah leaders and volunteers to join the team in serving the youth in Jerusalem.

Believing Soldiers’ Outreach – Please be in prayer for the believing soldiers whose lives we are investing in throughout their time of service in the IDF. This year we have 7 lone soldiers that we remain in contact with on a regular basis along with several others. Please pray for the specific needs of the many believing soldiers trying to keep strong in the faith in light of the many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that come with the army. Please pray for wisdom, strength and grace for the soldiers throughout all of the transitions that come with army service, for those currently entering and those that are exiting. Pray for them to be a light and true friends to the other soldiers surrounding them and that they will find direction for life in this season. Please pray for the leaders David and Sara who are returning to the normal routine after the summer months. They have requested prayer for grace, vision, and guidance as they start a new year with some old and some new soldiers. They also need prayer for additional staff and volunteers to help serve alongside them.

Experience Israel Tour –Please begin to pray for this next year’s Experience Israel Tour (March 4-20, 2016) as we have opened registration and are praying for the last 10 participants that God wants to bring to Israel. We praise God that already a good number of participants have signed up and we continue to pray for the building and unity of this group as they prepare their hearts and logistics throughout the coming months. We also ask for divine intervention as the recent news from American Airlines could affect the flights for this tour. We trust God for provision and grace as we make any adjustments necessary.

Pastor’s Solidarity Tour – February 1-9, 2016 we will host next year’s Pastor’s Solidarity Tour. Please keep this unique tour in your prayers, as it is specifically for congregational leaders. Pray that God would already begin to stir in the hearts of pastors and leaders to come to Israel so that they will be able to share with their communities about Israel in order to educate others about God’s heart for this Land and His people.

Tour Department – One of the ways that Hope for Israel is able to supplement the ministry’s income is by organizing and leading tours to Israel. The tours also carry a strong ministry component, as tour participants often have opportunities to bless Israel via tangible acts of service. As the situation in Israel continues to heat up, it is more important than ever for followers of Messiah to show their support by physically coming to Israel. Please continue to pray that the LORD will bless this aspect of the ministry and that He would bring more and more people to witness His love on these tours.

Lastly, please continue to pray for the salvation of Israel & the Jewish people throughout the world; we long for the day when all Israel will recognize her Messiah and receive Him… “For if their rejection [of Yeshua] is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” Romans 11:15

In His Service,
The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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