Prayer Letter — June 2017


Dear Prayer Partners,

This past month was a month filled with joy as we celebrated 69 years of independence in Israel, 50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem, and Shavuot (also known as the Day of Pentecost, a day on which we celebrate the giving of the Torah and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit). As the school year in Israel comes to a close, we can be praying for parents, students and teachers alike for a summer well-spent connecting with family and being rejuvenated. You can also join us in praying for the following things.


Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Poverty & Education
According to a recent report, poverty levels and economic inequality in Israel are among the highest in the developed world. On a positive note, the report found that in spite of the economic challenges facing Israel, Israelis are living longer and are in better health compared to their European counterparts. Another positive trend has been an increased investment by Israel in education leading to smaller class sizes and better-qualified teachers for all ages but this trend is not expected to continue. Join us in praying that the increased investment in education will continue in Israel and that the economic situation will also improve.

Ismail Haniyeh was named this past month as the new head of Hamas. While many hail him as a political moderate of the terror group, he is no less committed to the destruction of Israel. He has often incited hate for Israel in speeches and at rallies, and has expressed his full support for terror attacks against Israeli civilians. Please pray for Hamas’ hate for Israel to truly and finally come to an end as the political scene in Gaza continues to evolve.

It has been confirmed that Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program. Since January, the US has managed to put into place new sanctions aimed at discouraging further violations in Iran, but Iran has so far responded by adding a number of American individuals and companies to its list of US companies that have been sanctioned due to cooperation with Israel. Please pray for God’s continued protection over Israel as tensions with Iran continue.

Compensating Terrorism
It has been well documented and the PA does not deny that they pay those who have murdered innocent Israeli civilians as well as the families of those who have murdered these innocent civilians. Those in power over the PA, such as Mahmoud Abbas, have defended the practice of paying terrorists and their families on the grounds that their murders are viewed by the PA as a consequence of the fact that Israel controls territory that the PA views as belonging to a future Palestinian state (even though such a state has never before existed). Israel calls these murderers terrorists (as does the American government) while the PA calls them freedom fighters. During US President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Israel, the US President requested of the PA leaders to cease payments to terrorists. It doesn’t look as though this is a request that will be honored in the near future, but please join us in praying for a breakthrough in this area. Pray also for an end to the murder of innocent Israeli civilians in this conflict in Israel.


Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Pray for Moran’s preparations for upcoming speaking engagements as he seeks God’s heart and God’s message to the body of believers regarding Israel today. Please pray that God would guide Moran is his oversight of HFI, and pray for effective communication and strategic planning as Moran implements a few key changes at HFI for the sake of increased efficiency and effectiveness in our teamwork in what we do. Pray also for strength and protection for him and his family.

HFI Board
Please continue to pray for God’s guidance concerning the decisions facing the HFI Board. Pray with us that God would continue to provide for each and every need. Pray that God will protect the Board and its members from all attacks of the Enemy against their health, their families or the work they are doing for the kingdom of God.

HFI Staff
Please pray for clear communication between staff and for wisdom and effectiveness in all that we do. Pray for the salvation of those family members of ours who have yet to believe. Pray also for those who have recently joined the HFI team that they will adapt well to their new role with us. HFI is also looking to add new staff members. Please pray that God would lead the right people to us at the right time to help us meet these needs.

Pray specifically for those involved in work on our website as we begin to implement significant and valuable changes to improve and update our website and media department.

We are in the process of composing a new newsletter. Please pray that we would know what to write and how to share what God is doing to the best of our ability and that it would reach the people for whom it can be most beneficial.

NerYah Youth Group
God has recently provided 4 new volunteers for the upcoming school year who will be joining us at NerYah. Please pray for them to adapt well to the work we do with the youth and for them to connect well with the youth during the course of the year. Please join us in praying for full-time long-term staff at NerYah who will be able to specialize in coordinating activities for the youth as one of our current staff will be leaving for medical school. The school year is also coming to a close, so prayer for all of the year-end events is greatly appreciated. We need a great deal of grace and wisdom in order to prepare everything in the short time remaining. Please also pray for the youth who are also facing a heavy load right now with tests for courses and such. Those who are also taking the additional exams required for graduation from high school are especially in need of prayer for strength, self-discipline, patience and grace from God during this turning point in their life.

Believing Soldiers’ Outreach
Please pray for those soldiers who will soon be completing their time in active duty. Pray for their quick adaptation to civilian life and that God will use us at HFI to help them find direction and vision for the next steps in their life. Pray for those soldiers who are currently dealing with feelings of depression or anxiety and that they will receive the necessary motivation and encouragement from God to carry them through their time on active duty. Pray for strength also for the soldiers to resist the temptations that arise in the difficult circumstances that face them during their military service. A few high school graduates from NerYah have also recently enlisted for their time in the military. Please pray that these soldiers will find the strength to be open and honest with those around them about their faith in Yeshua. Pray that they will be led by the Holy Spirit and filled with confidence from God to face whatever they may during their military service.

Please pray that God will bring the right people for our upcoming tours to receive a revelation of His heart in this land. Please pray that every tour will make an impact on the body of Messiah throughout the world to connect believers with a right understanding of this land and the people who call Israel home. Pray that as we welcome people to Israel we’ll continue to effectively show believers the realities of life in Israel today that are often misconstrued in the media. We’d especially appreciate prayer for this year’s Israel-Greece tour and next year’s Experience Israel tour and Pastors’ Solidarity tour.

Foundations of the Faith Book
Please pray for the preparation of the English translation of the book. Please also continue to pray that the Hebrew and Russian translations will reach many for the kingdom of God.


In His Service,

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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