Prayer Letter — August 2017


Dear Prayer Partners,

This past month has been the heaviest month in Israel this year. August 1st this year is Tisha B’Av, a time of mourning among Jews worldwide remembering the destruction of the First and Second Temples on the Temple Mount as well as a number of tragedies that have happened around this day in history. To learn more about Tisha B’Av, click here. This Tisha B’Av will be forever remembered also because of the loss of human life at the hands of terrorists in recent weeks and in the midst of angry protests against the metal detectors and cameras installed (at least temporarily) on the Temple Mount. As we enter into the place of prayer in the month of August, we are especially seeking God for the peace of Jerusalem and for all of Israel as events continue to unfold.


Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Families who have lost a loved-one
There are multiple families right now who have lost a loved one to the terrorist activity in Israel this past month. Join us in praying that those directly affected by these tragedies will be surrounded by love and support during this time of immense heartbreak in their lives. Pray also for the remainder of those in Israel who are at this time experiencing the pain of knowing that there are terrorists so heartless as to attack families in their homes and in streetside shops. Pray for God’s peace and consolation during this hard time as all of Israel eagerly yearns for the day when this conflict will no longer claim innocent lives.

There are two groups of people who could especially use prayer for improved mental health at this point in time. There are about 4,649 IDF veterans currently being treated for PTSD. Most likely, many more have gone undiagnosed as they seek to self-treat this most crippling condition. Please pray for the success of treatments for all those who are currently being treated for PTSD in Israel. Please also pray for those who have not yet been diagnosed to receive any necessary help in the near future. Pray also for those Israelis who have been close to the terrorist attacks of this past month and who will need to work through the trauma of being so close to a terrorist attack that could have easily happened to them. Pray especially for God to reassure them and to fill them with His peace, a peace that transcends all understanding.

Security Measures
Metal detectors are a common phenomenon throughout Israel, but somehow have never been installed in the one spot in the Old City of Jerusalem that they probably should have been all along: In the various Muslim entrances to the Temple Mount. Non-muslims have been subject to metal detectors for years in order to go on the Temple Mount, and everyone is subject to metal detectors in order to visit the Western Wall (the most visited site in Israel). So after Muslim terrorists emerged from the Temple Mount and shot and killed two Druze police officers on the Temple Mount this past month, metal detectors were installed at the remaining entrances of the Temple Mount to assist in preventing similar attacks in the future. Local Muslims began protesting en masse and a number of Palestinians carried out stabbing attacks in several places, including the gory stabbing of several members of a family in their home having Shabbat dinner. All of these attackers claimed their actions were in response to the events on the Temple Mount. Please pray that effective security precautions will be agreed upon moving forward and that measures aimed at increasing safety and security will no longer be used as an excuse for acts of violence.

The IDF and Syrian Refugees
An astounding report came out this past month indicating that the IDF has provided immense amounts of assistance to Syrian refugees in the course of the recent years’ crisis. Some 3,000 wounded Syrians have received medical treatment within Israel during the conflict. Additional help from the IDF has come in the form of about half a million liters of diesel fuel, 360 tons of food, 77 tons of clothing and shoes, as well as dozens of generators and water delivery systems. The IDF has been assisting some 200,000 Syrian citizens living in 80 villages and towns in the Syrian Golan Heights during their time of need. Please pray for continued effectiveness as Israel seeks opportunities to reach out to those in need.

Families in Israel During August
August tends to be a challenging month for many Israeli families as summer camps are finishing, leaving many parents without viable childcare options. It is also a time when families begin gathering books and supplies for the new school year, putting a heavy financial burden on them (in Israel, all children are required to purchase their school books each year unlike most schools in the USA and Europe). Please pray that the Lord will provide for every family in Israel for both childcare and school books/supplies, and that families will not be under a heavy financial burden as a result. Please also pray for the ministries and organizations that aid families in need with help to purchase books & supplies, that the Lord would bless them and provide abundantly as they help those in need.


Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Pray for Moran’s messages in the Teachings from Zion tour ending on August 13. Pray that many will grow in an understanding of current events in Israel and of God’s heart for this region today. Pray also for Moran’s return to Israel and for some quality time with his family as they get back to life here in Israel. As Moran wraps up his time in the US, please pray especially for strength and health to do all that God is giving him to do.

HFI Board
Please continue to pray for God’s guidance concerning the decisions facing the HFI Board. Pray with us that God would continue to provide for each and every need. Pray that God will protect the Board and its members from all attacks of the Enemy against their health, their families or the work they are doing for the kingdom of God.

HFI Staff
Our search for new full time coordinators for NerYah as well as for our Believing Soldiers Outreach is continuing this month. Pray that we will find the right people to work with the youth of NerYah and with the soldiers, people that will be responsible role models, who are encouraging and who have a contagious love for God!

NerYah Youth Group
Pray with us especially for the many conferences that the youth will have the privilege of attending this summer. The many conferences give youth an abundance of faith-building opportunities during the extra free time they enjoy during their time off school. Please also pray both for smooth sailing for those helping at the conferences as well as a high impact on the youth. We are also meeting in the mornings with the youth periodically throughout the summer to encourage them to stay in the Word and in fellowship with believers over the course of the summer. Please pray that these morning gatherings will also be meaningful for the youth.

Believing Soldiers’ Outreach
Pray for soldiers who are currently struggling with tough situations and a sense of hopelessness as they face the realities of the recent weeks. Pray that they will be strengthened in their relationship with God and that they will be filled with hope for the days ahead.

Post-Military Outreach
Pray especially for those soldiers who are getting ready to end their service in the military this month. Pray that they will adapt readily to civilian life and that they will feel connected and full of vision for the next stage of their life.

Foundations of the Faith Book
Our English book went to print this last month! We now have Hebrew, Russian and English translations of the book. Please pray that every copy of the book will have a personal impact on those who read it and draw many into an increasingly deeper relationship with God!

We have received a number of inquiries about our tours this past month. Please pray that God will bring the right people for our upcoming tours to receive a revelation of His heart in this land. Please pray that every tour will make an impact on the body of Messiah throughout the world to connect believers with a right understanding of this land and the people who call Israel home. Pray that as we welcome people to Israel we’ll continue to effectively show believers the realities of life in Israel today that are often misconstrued in the media. We’d especially appreciate prayer for this year’s Israel-Greece tour and next year’s Experience Israel tour and Pastors’ Solidarity tour.


In His Service,

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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