Prayer for Young Palestinians

Yesterday there were two attacks in Jerusalem, less than an hour apart from each other. In one of the attacks, the two boys who charged at a security guard on the light rail train with knives in hand were ages 11 and 14. This is such a young age for children to be carrying out violent attacks in attempts to kill a bystander on a train. It is also very well known that many of the attackers are killed by security or police forces. How is it that such young children would risk their lives to murder an Israeli? Where do they get the ideas to partake in such violence and hatred? This is a very disturbing sign of what the young generation of Palestinians are growing up into. We cannot read the hearts and minds of these young boys and girls, but we can pray that God would touch them and bring them to His truth and peace. We pray for an overturn of this generation of Palestinian youth, that they would pave a way for peace, hope, and love first off in their own lives and with Israelis.

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