Prayer for the Victims and Families from Istanbul Attack

We mourn the loss and honor the lives of the three Israelis who were killed in the suicide bombing in Istanbul yesterday – Avraham Goldman, 69, Yonatan Suher, 40, and Simcha Dimri, 60. These Israelis were three of the four victims that were killed in Saturday’s suicide bombing attack in a popular tourist square in Istanbul. The fourth victim was in Iranian national. Ten others were injured, five of them were brought back to Israel to finish treatment, while five others are still being treated in Turkey until they are transferred back home later today. No specific organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Turkish officials are claiming that the suicide bomber was connected with ISIS. Please pray for the family members of the three Israeli victims who lost their loved ones in such a tragic way in a foreign country. Please also pray for the wounded that they will recover soon back to full health. We pray for the situation in Turkey that has seen several terror attacks in recent months. We pray for God’s will and light to penetrate that nation.

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