Prayer for Gaza

Both the Israeli military and Hamas are preparing for the next round of fighting. The IDF Chief of Staff has even set a deadline for the the military to be prepared. We know that Hamas has been training and collecting weaponry since the end of the last operation in 2014. Instead of using international humanitarian aid funds to build and develop the economy in Gaza, Hamas has chosen to use this money to smuggle in weapons and advance its underground tunnel system from where it will attack Israel. Meanwhile, the situation has become insufferable for the residents of Gaza. They suffer from electricity and water shortages and broken sewage systems; Gazan society is disintegrating. The number of suicides has reached unprecedented levels and every third person is on antidepressants. These conditions are unbearable for many and the number of people trying to leave Gaza is ever-increasing. Please pray for the innocent individuals and families that are suffering at the hands of poor leadership that care more about killing Israelis than building a hopeful future for their people. We ask that you pray for a solution to these problems and that God would send the light of His Word to the people of Gaza that they may find hope and salvation.

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