Prayer for a Peaceful Rosh HaShana

Tomorrow (Friday), begins the holiday of Rosh HaShana, one of the most important events in the Jewish year. The feast, originally commanded by God in Leviticus 23:23 as the Feast of Trumpets, celebrates both the new year of the Jewish calendar and inaugurates a period of reflection and repentance preceding Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Jewish communities throughout the world will celebrate with festive meals, traditional prayer services, and of course, blowing the shofar, or ram’s horn.

This year, the joyous celebrations in Israel are juxtaposed against two serious crises facing – and dividing – the Jewish nation.

Firstly, the judicial reform continues to polarize the population as the Supreme Court continues deliberations on the legality of a controversial law passed in July. Their decision, whatever it might be, will mark a watershed moment for Israel.

Secondly, the number of terror attacks continues to rise. As a result, for the first time ever, security guards will be posted outside each and every synagogue in Jerusalem for the protection of worshippers. While synagogue security is a unfortunate necessity outside of Israel, this is the first time that Israeli synagogues will receive individual security.

Please pray for a peaceful holiday – and holiday season – for all of Israel. Please pray for the return of unity and for safety for all during this time. Lastly, please pray for Israel to find her Messiah, who is the only One who can truly bring peace!

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