PM Netanyahu’s Trial To Proceed

PM Netanyahu’s trial for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three separate cases will move ahead as planned next week. Opening statements are set to begin next week. Netanyahu’s legal team requested that he be absent for opening remarks, but the prosecution insists he be present. The State Prosecution made the request to the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday. “The prosecution believes that there is a real reason for the defendant’s presence during the opening remarks, which is the opening speech of the entire case for prosecution.” The nation is currently divided along lines of support for Netanyahu, or against him. The trial comes at a troubling time for Netanyahu who did not get enough mandates in recent elections in order to form the next government. Many are predicting this is the beginning of the end of his reign as Prime Minister, as well as his entire political career. Please continue to pray for a fair and just trial. Please also pray for Israel as we are a very divided country over political issues.

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