Please Pray for Peace Over Passover

Monday afternoon, Lucy Dee, mother of Maia and Rina, succumbed to her wounds. Friday morning, on their way north to a family holiday, a Palestinian terrorist opened fire at the family’s car, killing the two girls on the spot and seriously injuring their mother. Lucy’s husband shared in a speech after losing his wife and daughters that their “family of seven is now a family of four.” Since his speech, thousands of Israelis have shared Israeli flags on social media with #Deesday.

As the Dee family mourns their incredible loss, Israel will Tuesday night celebrate the seventh and final night of Passover with a festive family meal. Amid rising tensions, a terror attack or security incident has occurred nearly every Shabbat and holiday recently, such as the firing of over 40 rockets from Lebanon and Syria over last Shabbat.

Please pray that as Israel enters the last day of Passover, that there will be no more violence. Please pray that Israel, and Jews around the world, could celebrate the holiday of freedom, fully and without fear. Lastly, but no least, please continue to pray for comfort and strength for the family who is grieving their loss during this time, and for justice to be served.

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