Prayer Letter — October 2019

Dear Prayer Partners,
Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! This past month was quite the political roller coaster to say the least. For the past couple months leading up to the re-elections, the political parties were fairly silent in the media and then the week of the elections, and following the elections, the elections were almost all that showed up in Israeli news sources. It goes without saying that Israel’s political scene is something to be praying for. This month, we are also observing the High Holy Days as well! Towards the end of this past month, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah and now this month, we will observing Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement, the evening of Tuesday, October 8th until the next evening), Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles, the evening of Sunday, October 13th until the evening of the following Sunday), and Shmini Atzeret (the evening of Sunday the 20th until the following evening). Lastly, as part of the prayers for the last day of Sukkot, we are thanking God for bringing rain on the earth, an important thing to keep in mind as we move into the rainy season in Israel.

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Israel’s Next Governing Body
The votes are in and the 22nd session of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) has commenced. President Rivlin has tasked PM Netanyahu once again with attempting to form a coalition. Once they agree on major changes that they will pursue together, they will (hopefully) form a coalition. There has been a lot of effort in the elections and even since the elections by certain politicians to delegitimize political opponents. Please pray that these worthless efforts at undermining other members of the Knesset will be put to a swift end and there truly will be a spirit of solidarity and like-mindedness in the Knesset. Pray for God to move on the hearts of Knesset members to truly rise up to the occasion and serve the people they represent and the nation that has for so long been under both physical and spiritual attacks. Pray especially for party leaders and for Israel’s prime minister and president who play key roles in moving the Knesset towards the formation of a coalition. Lastly, please pray that Israel will not have to go to 3rd elections in the event that a coalition cannot successfully be formed.

High Holy Days
We are in a very special month of High Holy Days in Israel (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, & Succot). This time of the year has been sacred to the people of Israel since Biblical times and continues to be central in Israel even in the modern day. It’s a time to reflect on our choices in the past year and ask if we’ve forgotten to look to God for forgiveness and restoration. For believers, it’s a time to remember that God has atoned for our sins in the free gift of His son, our Messiah Yeshua. It is also a time to be reminded of the wedding feast that is coming when our Messiah will return and reign from Jerusalem, the holy city from which God has chosen to make His name known. Please pray as we observe the High Holy Days in Israel that God will make Himself known to all through a revelation of His Son. Pray that for those of us who already put our faith in Yeshua that God will renew our understanding of the gift of salvation and the joy that lies ahead! Please also intercede for Israel’s protection from attacks during this special holiday season.

Parents and Students
With the High Holy Days this month, parents and children will have the added challenge of breaking away from the normal school year routine in order to observe the High Holy Days. For parents, this can be challenging as it means juggling work schedules and transportation arrangements as well as any day care or babysitting arrangements for children. For children, this much welcomed break from classes right at the beginning of the school year also means that they must readjust to being in class each time they return to school. Pray that parents will manage this challenging time well and that students will excel in their classes despite the interruptions to their studies.

University Students Begin Classes
Colleges and universities begin the academic year on October 27th. This is later than other academic institutions around the world because of the High Holy Days in Israel. Israel's universities are counted as some of the best in the world, and Israel has a very high matriculation rate among both Jewish and Arab citizens! The coursework is intensive and students are also expected to work part time to support themselves. Many students are also parents of young children, which makes it a bit more challenging as well. Please pray for a strong start for all of Israel's students this academic year. Please especially pray for the believing students whose beliefs and convictions will no doubt be challenged during this season, and that they will remain strong in their faith regardless of the price. Lastly, please pray for all who are finishing their studies this year, for opportunities for post-graduation.

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran & Family
Moran will begin this month with a much-needed time of rest with his wife and children! They are all looking forward to this very much. Moran will be in between tour groups and will be traveling to the States towards the end of the month for his annual board meeting. His wife will be resuming her studies at the end of the month to finish her MA as well. Please pray for protection over Moran and his family during their travels and for a truly restful time during their vacation. Please also pray for wisdom for Moran as he continues to seek the Lord for the many decisions that face him daily. Lastly, please pray for health, protection, and strength for Moran & his family in their daily lives.

HFI Board
Please pray for protection over all of HFI’s board members and their families. Pray that the Lord would shield them from illness and spiritual warfare. Please also pray for healing for several of the board members’ spouses from various diseases and for strength during these difficult health challenges.

NerYah Youth Group
Please pray that each and every one of the youth will find NerYah to be a place of encouraging fellowship and guidance through the challenges they face as youth in Israeli society. Please continue to pray for Zechariah as he grows in his position as the male youth leader, and also for a blessing over Efrat, our new female youth leader! Please also continue to pray for more male & female volunteers to work with the youth.

Soldiers’ Group
Please pray for the soldiers, both that they will excel and that they will be strengthened by God to remain strong in the faith despite the many challenges they face. Pray that God will use them powerfully also to encourage those around them as they experience a level of discipline that they have never before encountered. Please also pray for God’s protection over them as they serve in a place where war is always a possibility.

Foundations of the Faith Book
Please continue to pray that every copy of this discipleship resource will have a personal impact on those who read it and draw many into an increasingly deeper relationship with God! Please pray for a wider distribution of the book, that it will reach many people and that they will be strengthened and challenged. We currently have the book printed in Hebrew, English, Russian, & Spanish.

“Israel Beyond the Headlines” Video Project
We began this special project in 2018 to celebrate the miracle of Israel’s 70th year of independence (click here to check it out). This is a video project where we produce short videos highlighting a different aspect of Israeli innovation that is making a difference in the world. This project is a means of Israel advocacy, which is an important part of our call as the Body of Messiah throughout the world. But of course, this is also a threat to the enemy and we have experienced some warfare in this area. Please pray for us as we continue to produce powerful & effective videos, and for all involved in this project: Lior, Moran, Nate, Elad & Melissa. Please pray for His protection over us all and for the truth about Israel to reach to the ends of the earth!

Please pray that our “Experience Israel 2020” tour will fill up! We will be celebrating HFI's 20th Anniversary on this tour, so there will be many special treats along the way! Please also pray that our “Pastors’ Solidarity” tour will get more interested congregational leaders to join. Please continue to join us in praying for all our tours to be a blessing both to those who join and a blessing to the work of Hope for Israel (click here to learn more). These tours generate income for the ministry, which goes to cover our overhead, thus allowing a higher percentage of donations to go to our projects. Please pray for those joining us on these tours to be blessed and to grow in their walk with the Lord. Pray also for Moran and those leading the tours with him for peace and wisdom, and for unity among the leadership team of the tours.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these things! May the Lord bless you.

In His Service,
The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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