Prayer Letter — February 2020

Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! Thank you for praying with us last month for Israel’s fresh water supply, the situation on the border with Gaza and the national infrastructure in Israel. Thank you also for partnering with us in praying for the work of Hope for Israel. We are entering the month of February prayerfully as we pray this month especially into the situation with Iran, Israel’s natural gas export, and Israel’s economy. We are also welcoming our flagship tour, “Experience Israel”, in February, in honor of celebrating HFI’s 20th Anniversary!

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Peace Plans
The US administration has finally released the long-awaited details of a peace plan that they are claiming can sit on the table waiting for acceptance for the next 4 years. The plan would create a continuous demilitarized Arab Palestinian nation between Gaza and the Arab towns in Judea and Samaria so long as this new Arab country would stop calling for Israel’s destruction and cease payments to terrorists. Israel would be given complete control of security in the region, but the Arabs of Judea and Samaria and Gaza would be self-governed and responsible for managing their laws and taxes and such independently. Jerusalem would remain the undivided capital of Israel but a capital of the new Arab state would be located somewhere in the part of “East Jerusalem” that would belong to this new state (Kafr Aqab, Shu’fat Camp, and Abu Dis). The plan also calls for an end to the corruption among the Arab government organizations in the region currently known for their misuse of taxpayer money and humanitarian donations from abroad. Ultimately, the plan is pretty airtight for encouraging a more secure Israel and a less corrupt or terroristic governing of the Arabs of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Please pray for all involved in examining this plan to have wisdom to know how to move forward from here. Please also pray for God’s protection over Israel as Palestinian president Abbas has called for terror attacks in response to the unveiling of this plan.

Tensions with Iran
Pray with us that God will continue to bless with a vigilant eye every soldier guarding the borders of this nation. Pray that God will guide those who are developing defense technologies in Israel to stay ahead of the terrorists and develop technology that will keep all attacks of the enemy at bay. Please also pray for an end to the rocket attacks on Israel, which are often funded and orchestrated by Iran. Pray also that the terrorist regime in control of Iran will eat the fruits of their own wickedness and stumble on the rocks they sought to throw at Israel. Pray that the Iranian people will be liberated and be able to establish a true democracy that will no longer be the bully of the Middle East but rather a flourishing nation with a rich heritage. (To learn more about Israel’s relations with Iran, click here).

Natural Gas from Israel to Egypt and Jordan
For the first time in centuries, Israel is now providing natural resources to Egypt. Thousands of years ago, Israel’s olive oil, wines, honey and other products were valued imports in Ancient Egypt. Today, natural gas from Israel’s Leviathon field off the coast of Haifa is being exported to Egypt. Egypt isn’t the only country buying gas from Israel now, however; Jordan is also purchasing natural gas from Israel. This historic tie between Egypt, Jordan and Israel is only the beginning of what seems to be a growing interest among Arab nations in working together with Israel to pursue a better tomorrow in the Middle East. Pray for the success of this relationship and for God’s blessing on Egypt and Jordan as they explore economic ties to Israel. Pray also that other Arab nations will continue to pursue increasingly close ties to Israel.

Israeli Economy
The budget deficit in Israel is growing as is the gap between the wealthy and the poor of Israel. However, the value of shekel went up 6% against the US Dollar in the past year and Israeli stocks rose significantly in 2019 despite the current political stalemate which has paralyzed Israel’s legislation and much needed budget adjustments for things such as education and medicine in Israel. Israel’s GDP also grew significantly more than any country (other than Ireland) in the last year. Even though Israel’s economy is flourishing, Israel could be in real trouble as investors grow increasingly uncomfortable with waiting to see how Israel’s policies will change once a coalition finally forms. Furthermore, Israel’s hospitals and schools among other institutions and sectors of society are suffering from a lack of much needed budget adjustments. Please pray for Israel’s economy to continue flourishing despite the ongoing political stalemate. Pray for righteous legislation once a coalition will finally form and for the poor of Israel to not be left behind as the economy continues to grow.

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran & Family
Moran will be spending more time in the office this month, and would be grateful for prayer for wisdom as he aims to wrap up loose ends in the office restructuring process. He will also be welcoming two groups in addition to HFI's flagship tour, which arrives February 28th. Please also pray for strength for he and Melissa as they deal with a health issue in their extended family. Lastly, please pray for health for Moran and his family in the last of the winter months!

HFI Board
Please pray for wisdom for our board members as they are facing new direction for 2020 and have important decisions to make. Please pray for protection over all of HFI’s board members and their families, that the Lord would shield them from illness and spiritual warfare. Please also pray for healing for several of the board members’ spouses from various diseases and for strength during these difficult health challenges.

HFI Staff
Please pray for our staff as we continue through our season of change and restructuring within the ministry. Please pray for grace and patience for us all as we navigate this new season! Please also keep our staff and their families covered in prayer, especially for strength & health in this winter season.

NerYah Youth Group
Please pray with us that each and every NerYah message and time of worship will be impactful for the youth. Please pray that each one of the youth will find NerYah to be a place of encouraging fellowship and guidance through the challenges they face as young believers in Israeli society. Please continue to pray for Zechariah and Efrat as they continue to grow in their position as youth leaders. Please pray for our volunteer leaders who lovingly devote their time and energy each week to mentoring the youth and serving them in their weekly meetings. Please also continue to pray for more male volunteers to join the group.

Soldiers’ Group
Join us in praying for our soldiers’ group and for the gatherings to be a time of strengthening for the soldiers. Pray also for those soldiers who can’t make it to the gatherings due to their obligations to the military. Please pray that they will excel and that they will be strengthened by God to remain strong in the faith despite the many challenges they face. Pray that God will use them powerfully also to encourage those around them as they experience a level of discipline that they have never before encountered. Please also pray for God’s protection over them as they serve in a place where the possibility of war is always on the horizon. Lastly, please pray for a new project that we recently launched to minister to lone soldiers (soldiers from other countries who voluntarily come to serve in the IDF, away from their families & any support system); please pray that we can reach & bless many lone soldiers and be a significant source of support for them.  

Student Scholarships & Mentoring Program
As part of the third phase of the threefold vision for the next generation in Israel, we have been granting significant scholarships to young Israeli believers studying in colleges & universities. This project has grown tremendously over the past few years, and we are now granting scholarships to over 27 students! Not only do we provide financial help to these young believers, but we also mentor them, and conduct numerous workshops throughout the year to help them with improving study habits, taking care of themselves during exam period, and stress management techniques, among other things. We are opening up the possibility for people to “adopt” a student and contribute to these talented young people’s future in Israel. Please pray for our students as they will be taking exams and submitting papers this month. Please also pray for those who choose to come alongside them to contribute to their academic and personal success, as we desire to see the next generation of Israeli believers truly making a difference in Israel!

Foundations of the Faith Book
Please continue to pray that every copy of this discipleship resource will have a personal impact on those who read it and draw many into an increasingly deeper relationship with God! Please pray for a wider distribution of the book, that it will reach many people and that they will be strengthened and challenged. We currently have the book printed in Hebrew, English, Russian, & Spanish.

“Israel Beyond the Headlines” Video Project
We launched this special project exactly two years ago to celebrate the miracle of Israel’s 70th year of independence (click here to check it out). We produce short videos highlighting a different aspect of Israeli innovation that is making a difference in the world. This project is a means of Israel advocacy, which is an important part of our call as the Body of Messiah throughout the world. But of course, this is also a threat to the enemy and we have experienced some warfare in this area. Please pray for us as we continue to produce powerful & effective videos, and for all involved in this project: Lior, Moran, Nate, Elad, Melissa, & Sapir. Please pray for His protection over us all and that He will bless our efforts to advocate for Israel, the apple of His eye.

We are excited to host our 20th anniversary Experience Israel Tour at the end of this month! Please continue to join us in praying for all our tours to be a blessing both to those who join and a blessing to the work of Hope for Israel (click here to learn more). These tours generate income for the ministry, which goes to cover our overhead, thus allowing a higher percentage of donations to go to our projects. Please pray for those joining us on these tours to be blessed and to grow in their walk with the Lord. Pray also for Moran and those leading the tours with him for peace and wisdom, and for unity among the leadership team of the tours.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these things! May the Lord bless you!

In His Service,
The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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