Prayer Letter — February 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,
          Thank you for your prayers in the month of January! One of the things we were especially praying for in January was abundant rain. A report came out this past month that December had been the driest in 30 years! January, on the other hand was especially rainy. Our God truly hears and answers our prayers. Another highly anticipated event this past month was the arrival of US Vice President Mike Pence, who was supportive beyond expectations in all of his speeches. It has become expected in Israel to hear criticism after being praised in any way by foreign dignitaries, but Pence was exceptional and it’s encouraging to know that such a man is standing alongside the President of the United States, Israel’s strongest ally.

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Israeli Economy
Although poverty continues to be an issue in Israel, a recent report indicates that unemployment in Israel stands at a low of nearly 4%, comparable to the current unemployment rate in the United States and the UK and slightly better than Australia. With Israel’s booming export industry (6% better in 2017 than in 2016), Israel is looking at a thriving economy throughout 2018. The national budget was also finalized this past month. Please join us in praying that, going forward, Israel’s policy makers and business leaders in the nation will continue to act wisely and succeed in growing Israel’s economy. Please also join us in praying that God will provide innovative solutions for helping those who currently live in poverty in Israel.

Reconciliation between Israel and Jordan
Back in 2016, Jordan signed a multi-billion-dollar agreement to buy natural gas from Israel. Jordanian workers are often employed in Israel’s tourist sector. Additionally, security coordination between Israel and Jordan is key to reducing the terrorist threats along Israel’s eastern border. Finally, Israel and Jordan were also supposed to begin the work in the first few months of 2018 on building the Red Sea to Dead Sea Canal (RSDSC). One issue blocking initiating work on the RSDSC was the tension relating to an incident that happened last summer when an Israeli security guard in the Israeli embassy in Jordan was attacked by a Jordanian man. The attacker and an innocent bystander were both killed in the incident. That led to the shutting down of the embassy and a tension that has lasted these past 6 months. Finally, in January, a compromise has been reached that will allow for the reopening of the embassy in Jordan, but we have yet to see any definitive plans to move forward with the RSDSC. Please continue to pray for improved cooperation between Israel and Jordan as this cooperation is key to security and potential improvement of the water supplies for both nations in the years to come.

The Winter Olympics
February 9th–25th, the Winter Olympics will take place. There will be 10 Israeli competitors in the games. Please pray that Israel’s athletes will do well in representing Israel and that God will protect them from any schemes of the enemy during their time abroad. Just a little over 40 years ago, 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped from the Olympics and eventually murdered (in the 1972 Munich Massacre). We are confident that God will protect our athletes as he has these past few decades but prayer is welcome nonetheless!

Purim celebrations will be taking place at the end of this month (from the evening of February 28th to the evening of March 1st). Pray for God’s protection over all during the time of the celebrations. Pray that also, like the events described in the book of Esther, many will come to know the God of Israel.

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran finished a very intense month, and is gearing up for another busy month ahead. In addition to overseeing the office in Israel, and taking an active role in our affiliate offices in Texas and Florida, he is hosting many tour groups in Israel. He not only oversees the specifics of each group, but also joins them for days at a time, teaching and ministering to the groups. In short, there's always much on his plate at any one time! Please pray for Moran, for wisdom, health, strength, and insight from the Lord in all that he is responsible for. Please also pray for his family, for health, peace, and strength when he is away from home.

HFI Board
Please continue to pray for wisdom for our board members as they make important decisions in every area of the ministry. Please pray for protection over them and their families, that the Lord would shield them from illness and spiritual warfare.

HFI Staff
Winter is in full swing in Israel and with it comes illness. Please pray for health for our staff and our families. It can be especially challenging for those who have children to attend to in addition to their work in the office. Please also pray for creativity and effectiveness in all the work that we do here at Hope for Israel. We are also in need of more qualified people to join our staff in Israel. Please pray that He will provide the people best suited for our team and to share the increasing workload.

NerYah Youth Group
Please pray for a strong connection between the youth and the youth leaders and for wisdom as the leaders respond to the unique dynamics involved in engaging youth and inspiring them to grow in the Lord. Pray for those youth who are currently facing major life altering challenges, that they will be open and vulnerable enough to seek guidance as needed.

Believing Soldiers
Pray that our soldiers will be strengthened by God as they face the temptations and challenging realities of military life. Please pray for boldness in their witness, and to be firmly planted in His Word during their military service.

Foundations of the Faith Book
Please continue to pray that every copy of this discipleship resource will have a personal impact on those who read it and draw many into an increasingly deeper relationship with God! Please pray for a wider distribution of the book, that it will reach many people and that they will be strengthened and challenged. Lastly, please pray that the current project to translate the book to Spanish will be blessed and for a fruitful harvest among our Spanish-speaking brethren.

Looking ahead, please pray for those who will be joining us for the Experience Israel Tour in March. Pray that they will be truly blessed by their experience and that they will grow in an understanding of God’s heart for the land and people of Israel today! Please also pray for our team as we are already in the thick of preparations for the tour, and that it will run smoothly and be for His glory!

In His Service,
The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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