Thank You for Supporting the Passover Project

Greetings and Happy Passover to you and your families! Passover is a foundational feast and one of the most celebrated holidays on the Hebrew calendar. Israelis all across the country joined together on Friday, April 3rd with their family and friends over the Passover Seder meal to recite from the Haggadah text, and eat matzah and bitter herbs in remembrance of the transfer from slavery into freedom for the People of Israel. As believers in the Messiah, we also honor Yeshua as the Passover Lamb who was sacrificed on our behalf to bring us from a life of slavery and bondage to sin into a life of freedom in Him.

The Passover Seder is a sizable meal shared with the entire family and extended friends and relatives. It is also a sizable expense to buy all of the food needed to prepare such a large meal for your guests. Unfortunately, there are many families struggling financially in this difficult economy, leaving them unable to provide the kind of meal called for during this festive occasion. We saw this need within the Israeli society a number of years ago and have since dedicated ourselves to supplying food packages every year for the Passover season with our project called Operation Hesed (Grace). Every year from its inception, God has faithfully provided everything needed (i.e. funds, labor, and supplies) to make this project successful and a blessing to Israeli families in the Land.

For this year’s Operation Hesed Passover Project, we set our highest goal yet –to give over 1,500 food packages to families in need throughout Israel. We were only able to carry out this project because of God’s provision through friends and partners like you. We want to share with you our deepest appreciation for your help and participation. You are being a practical blessing to the People of Israel when you give and support projects such as these. God has worked through you to be His hands and feet in the Land. We encourage all who are interested in taking part in future projects to partner with us.

Thank you for partnering with us in God’s work. May the Lord bless you and your families!

In His Service from Jerusalem,

Moran Rosenblit


You can partner with us by donating online here or by sending a check payable to:
Hope For Israel
925 N Courtenay Parkway
Merritt Island, FL 32953-4559


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