Passover Project Announcement

Dear Hope for Israel partners,

ImageOne of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, Passover (Pesach), will be arriving in just a few weeks. Passover is a beautiful holiday celebrating Israel’s redemption from bondage in Egypt and God’s sovereign grace over the people of Israel.

It is also one of the holidays thatScripture commands to be celebrated (Leviticus 23:5). It is a time in which Jewish families come together over a feast, while remembering all that God has done for the Jewish people.

Passover Project 2For this reason, we are excited to once again bless families during the Passover holiday! Last year, we were able to bless 527 families with food packages or grocery coupons, many of whom were soldiers coming from broken or impoverished families.

This year, we are being led by God to step out in faith with plans to double the number of people assisted with the help of our supporters. We plan to enable over 1,000 families to enjoy this holiday without being distracted by their physical needs. This will bring our total project cost to $30,000.

Image 2

We are grateful for the opportunity to bless so many people during this season in partnership with our supporters. We are confident that God will provide all that is needed for the vision that He gave us.

We thank you for your continued support of Hope for Israel and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. We could not do such projects without your generosity and we pray that God will bless you abundantly in this Passover season.

In His Service,

Moran Rosenblit
Founder & Executive Director
Hope for Israel

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