Parashat Vayeitzei (And he went forth) Genesis 28:10-32:3


Parashat Vayeitzei (And he went forth) Genesis 28:10-32:3

Haftarah: Hosea 11:7-14:10

In this week’s Torah portion we learn how the Messiah is the basis for all blessings. It is most unfortunate that most Jewish individuals do not know what the rabbis state about many of the Biblical passages that relate to the Messiah. In chapter 28 of Genesis, Jacob has that famous dream about the ladder which reaches into the heavens. I have written in an earlier article about the relationship between this ladder and Messiah (See John 1:51). There is also a reference to the Messiah in this same passage concerning the Rock which Jacob’s head laid upon when he dreamed and the fact that he “messiahed” or “christed” the rock.  Obviously we would say he anointed the rock, but I used fictitious words to emphasize that the concept of anointing is related to the Messiah.  In fact, the words “Messiah” in Hebrew or “Christ” in Greek mean The Anointed One.

In the next passage, Jacob arrives at Haran and there is a well there and it becomes the central aspect of this passage. It is important to note that in the Scriptures the term “well” relates to blessing. It is most significant that there is a rock which closes the well and must be removed if one is going to have access to the water, i.e. the blessing. In the account from chapter 29, once Jacob sees Rachel he takes hold of the Rock and provides access to the blessing. What is the point of this passage?

First, the rock in this chapter and in the previous one, relates to Messiah Yeshua. Hence, Yeshua is key to receiving a blessing. In other words, one will NEVER have access to the blessings of G-d until he takes hold of Messiah Yeshua (by faith).  The taking hold of the rock also coincided with Jacob and Rachel meeting. This is a reference to the purposes and plans of G-d continuing. Here again, Messiah—The Rock of our Salvation—is central in G-d’s will being realized in your life and throughout this world.

Why not take hold of Messiah Yeshua today or if you have, share this truth with a family member, friend, or acquaintance, so he or she can find blessing too.

Shabbat Shalom

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